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por La Nota Economica Colombia

09 / 04 / 2015

Connect, an American company specializing in telecommunications infrastructure engineering, presented to customers and business partners their credentials in the domestic market. The organization's headquarters in Mexico City and has eleven years experience in Consulting and Implementation Certified Networking, Data Center Solutions, Projects Projects Physical Security and Fiber Optics.

Connect is one of the most important business partners CommScope, a leading provider of infrastructure solutions for communications. Its portfolio also includes the following services: Project management engineering, certification, testing, monitoring and evaluation of networks; as well as business connection and representation of engineering solutions.

Expansion process

According to Antonio Arreola, CEO of Connect, "Dream internationalize, to transcend the Mexican border, begins here in Colombia because it's a country we want and we have many similar things. Do not come here to teach anything. We come to work and serve. We are confident that we will go well and we will be here for many years. "

Connect hosted a distinguished group of clients and partners. To this end he made a Wine Tasting. The event took place in Bogotá and was attended by executives of CommScope, Luguer, Pro Mexico and the Embassy of the Czech Republic, among other important organizations.

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