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Convenient guidance for decision making in ICT areas or system departments inside clients offices, centralized in:
  • Structured cabling and optic fiber / pipes.
  • Space planning and distribution facilities for Telecommunications infrastructure.
  • Data centers projection and conditioning
  • Wide range of systems and connectivity solutions, voice, data, video surveillance, IP LED-lighting, control and security.
  • Related systems such as: Physical land, protection systems, regulated current systems for computer systems.
  • Moving voice infrastructure logistics, data and computing centers
  • Comparative analysis of costs and "cost - benefit"
  • Database Development for competition (RFP / RFQ), selection of suppliers and qualified teams
  • Project Engineering of Networks Certified Structured Cabling and Fiber Optics Integration and Development. We have the highest levels of certification and recognition from leading manufacturers in the market.
  • Project Engineering of Data Center Integration and Development. Planning and Design of Data Centers under the current international industry standards.
  • Project Engineering of Networking / Switching and Routing Integration and Development. Supported by market leaders integrate infrastructure LAN and WAN.
  • Project Engineering of Wi-Fi Wireless Networks Integration and Development. Coverage studies, spectrum analysis and signal gain Maps. Intrusion and channels balancing.
  • Project Engineering of Partnership and IP communication, IP Switches and Telepresence Integration and Development. Network design and active equipment implementation.
  • Project Engineering of Physical Security (CCTV / Video Surveillance Smart HD), Access Control and Alarm Systems and Alarms Integration and Development.
  • Project Engineering of Lighting LED-IP and automation for energy saving, control and management of people and spaces and high performance environmentally friendly offices Integration and Development. Redwood CommScope solution.

Through project conception support, its stages of planning and feasibility analysis, going through the process of implementation, commissioning and commissioning of the project, Conecta® gives you the ability to achieve the objectives for your company.

Using sophisticated measurement hardware and software, exploration and analysis of both wired and wireless network, we deliver accurate reports on the status of your network regardless of the size or complexity of it.

With this you can take concrete steps to substantially improve the performance of their ICT infrastructure actions.

We have no exact formula for these projects, our goal is to create a work plan tailored to each organization based on processes and logistics services that allows you to lower the switch at the current location of your datacenter and return to transparently be operational in the new location.

This logistics involves: inventory, backups, appropriate packing, safe transfer, transfer itself, custody, installation, commissioning, performance testing and contingency plan.

We have over 7 years of experience in the development of logistics for the datacenter transfer.

The current business demands and technology demand flexibility, speed and efficiency, these needs lead to the creation of a critical strategy in the services of information and communication technologies (ICT) companies need business partners in which they can support different internal processes, this becomes a search for balance between people, processes and technology, provided best practices defined by ICT.

Our professional value-added ICT services are designed to meet the domestic needs of companies wanting the best adaptation to current demands.

The ICT service center is supported by highly qualified and aware of the operation of each of our clients operations.

The team is composed by the perfect combination of committed customer care and ICT skills most in demand engineers.

ICT professional services whose sole priority is to ensure a high level of reliability and stability of technological processes of each of our customers proactively.

Depending on customer needs, and their dynamics and operation, we offer several levels of service contracts ranging from a simple agreement based on response according to user requests (tickets), to permanent staff in place, to provide the customer with tool, equipment and materials available.