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Applied Technology and Communication Consulting, S.A. de C.V. (Conecta) rises from the increasing need to professionalize the telecommunication networking services in Mexico.

In consequence of the daily, more demanding market of network and systems of information transfer, a small group of engineers came together to give birth to Conecta®, with the solid idea to take this services overseas.

After two years of planning, Conecta is established in the early 2004 and start to operate formally in April first of the same year, with HQ in Mexico City. For the tenth anniversary in 2014, the first international operations start with the launching of the new office in Bogota, Colombia.

Mission - Vision


Provide a professional designing and telecommunication engineering development service, without taking off the importance that success and permanence have in our projects. Develop the innovative conscience and mentality to obtain the world wide acknowledgement of the professional and permanent work, developed in Mexico and in Latin America in the telecommunication field.


To become one of the most recognized firms and have an astounding reputation in design and systems of information transfer consulting in Mexico and Latin America, through the conjunction of a disciplined group of professionals, advocated to contribute constantly with their talent, to the development and growth of the electronic communication and its applied technologies for the industry.


  • 1.- Morality as main principle
  • 2.- Order and fineness
  • 3.- Honesty
  • 4.- Punctuality
  • 5.- Responsibility
  • 6.- Overcoming desire
  • 7.- Respecting the laws and regulations
  • 8.- Respect for each others
  • 9.- Love for the job
  • 10.- Eagerness for investment and saving