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We integrate technological infrastructure solutions, along by communications consulting in addition to technologies applied to companies in the Latin America.



We are passionate about being in constant search of the best solutions for each client. We propose and design according to the needs of our clients…


From the conception of the project, accompaniment is provided during the different stages; from planning and feasibility analysis, through the process of procurement …


The physical security of the people is of vital importance, for that reason we specialize in giving integral solutions of systems that are able to communicate among them …


The physical security of the people is of vital importance, for that reason we specialize in giving integral solutions of systems that are able to communicate among them …


We have solutions that provide the appropriate service according to the moment of technological development in which the company is located, that is, from the design and conception …

About us

Who we are?

We are a team of experts dedicated to integrate solutions of technological infrastructure for business.

Who are we going to?

To companies and corporations at national and international level that require technological infrastructure solutions.

How we do it?

Endorsed by international standards, we offer consulting in communications and applied technologies for different markets, ranging from design, development and deployment all the way to after-sales service.

Our reason for being
Our reason for being
Due to the growing demand and accelerated innovation of information transport systems, at CONECTA we become an extension of our clients companies to provide technological infrastructure solutions.

Code of ethics

Our Bases

a. Commitment
Comply and enforce agreements with customers, suppliers and business partners for the benefit of all in order to achieve reliability, best practices and project success.

b. Confidentiality
In order to take care of the interests of our clients, suppliers and business partners, at Conecta we respect the ownership of the information and scrupulously safeguard it. It is not allowed to share or disclose with third parties regardless of agreements signed in particular with other organizations, our code of ethics commits us to maintain confidentiality at all times.

c. Honesty
In Conecta we are frontally against any act of corruption and we are convinced that the best way is that of honesty. We promote the denunciation of any act that violates this fundamental principle, always acting with moderation, prudence and wisdom.

d. Respect
In Conecta we practice respecting laws and regulations through compliance with them. In the same way we respect the rights of others in a very special way and we are absolutely inclusive with individuals, this gives us congruence between what we say, think and act.

e. Legality
All employees must take care and promote legality regardless of their function. Always taking care of his actions and their teammates actions as well. In this way we ensure that we remain at all times in compliance with the law.

f. Transparency
The best way to maintain a healthy relationship with different interest groups is through transparency. In Conecta we trust in our work and our principles for this we promote transparency in our actions and our work. In this way we avoid any type of corruption and allows us to practice lawful and transparent business ways.

g. Punctuality
We know that a punctual person is a person who complies, who is committed and who is at all times respectful, that is why in Conecta we have punctuality as a basis in all aspects of our ethical conduct.

h. Health and security
At Conecta we take care of our employees, as well as the environment and that is why we have as a fundamental basis the order, cleanliness, safety and hygiene as a regulatory guideline in our work over any other priority.

i. Responsibility
The responsibility in Conecta is the summary of compliance with all the previous bases of our code of ethics since it means the fulfillment of the obligations at the time that each employee makes a decision or performs an act.

Study cases


Multipurpose complex (Shopping Center, Parking Lot, Corporate Offices and Business Hotels) at Culiacán, Sinaloa; Telecom Infrastructure, Physical Security, Automation, Optical Network & WiFi. Entertainment & Services Market.


Offices in different locations in México and Colombia. Telecom Infrastructure, Security for Conecta-working market.


Corporate offices y in Mexico City.; Data Center and Telecom infrastructure. Services Market.


Corporate offices y in Mexico CIty. Data Center with aisle containment and Telecom infrastructure. Consumer Products Market .


Offices in Mexico City and Guadalajara. LAB/DATA CENTER and Security. Tech Market.


Offices an Telco Room in Mexico City, Telecom Infrastructure. Financial Market.

Our Custumers


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Social Responsibility

In Conecta we are proud and satisfied to help those who need it most and we are convinced that the only way to get ahead in life is through education. That is why we fully agree with the principles and objectives of Christel House International, an international non-profit organization that seeks to transform the lives of children and young people by breaking the circle of poverty through education.

This is how Conecta directly collaborating with Christel House México, contributes with its grain of sand to this incredible mission. And we call all our customers, suppliers and friends to join this beautiful cause.